Pracownia Weroniki. Rzeźba. Portret. Malarstwo.

Weronika Kapelańska
Toronto, Ontario

Painter, sculptor, illustrator, and cartoon artist, born, raised and educated in the fine arts in her native Poland, now calls Canada her home. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.
Following her attendance and graduation from the state’s elementary school, she attended first Poland’s Junior College of Fine Arts, then she went on to the State’s School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, where she earned the Ministry of Art and Culture’s Award for her Diploma Work in Sculpture. She graduated with a Master Degree of Fine Arts.

Dziewczyna pozująca nago
Dziewczyna pozująca nago

During her studies and following her graduation, she became deeply involved in the Academy’s environment and subsequently was appointed Assistant Professor where conducted comprehensive and advanced drawing and sculpture classes to students. It was during this period that she was presented with Poland’s prestigious Diploma Work Award by the State’s Minister of Culture and Arts.
Weronika went on to receive public acclaim and the Craft Art Award for her sculpture „Torso” in Krakow, Poland. Following that success, another of her pieces titled „Human” received highly recognition with the Public Award, by the city of Krakow.
She was also commissioned by the city of Legnica to design a significant public memorial in that city.
Since Weronika’s arrival in Canada, she has been commissioned to sculpt numerous three-dimensional Rupert animation characters for private collectors in the well as performing some special animation work in film production „Rupert”, the full-length feature „Babar”, and many many others…